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What is Floating?

Floating - a unique therapeutic method of achieving deep relaxation, it allows you quickly to relieve stress, chronic fatigue, mental stress, get rid of depression, restore energy, and increase the ability to work. The effect occurs after the first session.


Session of floating takes place in a special light-and-soundproofed tanker (closed capsule size: L260cm x W165cm x H133 cm). In our SPA it is presented a tanker of Swedish manufacturer Restingwell. The capsule is filled with a concentrated solute of therapeutic Epsom salts (magnesium MgSO4, used in cosmetics and medicine). The density of the solution is such that the person floatiruet on the back surface of the water, the so-called "effect of the Dead Sea." During the session, the face not in contact with water and brine. The temperature in the pool is about 35 degrees, with the darkness and silence mode allows you to completely turn off the external stimuli, and immerse themselves in a condition that is seen as weightlessness.

At the request of floating session can be accompanied by relaxing music.

History of floating


The starting point in the history of floating is considered to be 1954, when the neurophysiologist John Lilly started to investigate the condition of the human brain in conditions of limited external influences. The experiment, putting a person into a state of sensory deprivation (complete isolation from physical stimuli) showed that such conditions make many positive changes, both on the physical level and at the level of consciousness. John Lilly wrote a number of scientific papers, considering the effect of floating on the body, and in 1972 in conjunction with Glenn Perry developed the first compact camera float called "Samadhi". From that moment began the mass production of the cameras and of floating pools for private and commercial use. Scientists from the University of British Columbia Peter Syudfeld and Roderick Borrie in the 70s scientifically substantiated the use of float cells for therapeutic purposes, calling the method "Therapy of the limited environ's stimulation."

An illustrative example is the athlete Phillips Idowu, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008). In an interview before the event, he shared the experience of recovering from a back injury with the help of floating. Athlete spent an hour in a sensory deprivation tanker almost daily, and it helped him to reduce the load on the back, he quickly came back in shape and achieve impressive results in the Olympics.

What to expect from the session?


A delightful feeling of weightlessness and floating. the senses are completely isolated from the bustle of the outside world and a person feels sensory deprivation (the lock of sensations by the sense organs). The brain changes its activity and moves to the theta rhythm as when falling asleep. The balancing on the verge of sleep and wakefulness. Very strange feeling, as if you continuously fall through in a dream. All the Eastern meditative practices strive to attain that state. In Floating is it achieved without going through a long workout. Every muscle relaxes completely full (supershavasana).


Surprisingly tasty and useful to health of body and mind treatment. Although the form of Floating passive procedure, but it has a powerful effect on several levels - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. When it comes peace, but at the same time, you are full of strength and energy.

Effects of floating


1. Happens the powerful stress reliever, both physical and psychological

2.Endorphins, hormones of happiness, start to be produced in large quantities.

3.Muscle pain disappears , the load is removed from the spine and legs

4.Pressure gets to the normal level, recovering sleep

5.Craving for tobacco, alcohol, drugs goes down

6.Lymphatic drainage enhanced  (it is promoted as part of the trace element magnesium salts)

7.Body's weight becomes normal. During the procedure can be irretrievably lost 0.5 kg. Weight is reduced another 1-2 days

8.Subcutaneous metabolism intensifies. The skin rejuvenates, becomes soft and silky. There is a pronounced anti-cellulite effect

9.The hair acquire healthy appearance, are strong and resilient, poured force (macro element sulfur in the composition of the salt)

10.Energy and manpower restore. One hour in the bath refreshes several hours of full sleep

11.Quality of the thinking process becomes much better, creative thinking is stimulated, activated the right hemisphere. Storing information in this state, almost 100%


If you are interested in the scientific side of floating procedure, more information can be gleaned from the research of a scientific article (Research article), as well as the most complete information about the phenomenon of floating is presented in the book of Michael Hutchison "The book of FLOATING". 

The continuous of floating session is approx. 50 min. We  kindly ask you to come 10-15 minutes before the session, that you could have enough time to get all the necessary instructions and to prepare yourself for relaxation. 

Experience your floating session in Helsinki city center. 

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